Shadow Bend Arabians - Cave Creek, AZ

Shadow Bend Farm is a boutique farm located in Cave Creek, AZ. Owned by Rick Moore, it is home to an outstanding collection of Arabian mares. The lush desert setting is an elegant backdrop to his world-class collection of mares. We hope you enjoy our new website.

- SB Scarletta

SB Scarletta

(Sir Fames x Scarlett O' Psyche)
2007 Bay Mare

Congratulations to Richard and Gail Whitaker of Burleson, Texas on your purchase of this lovely mare.

SB Scarletta is an extremely typey daughter of Sir Fames HBV. She has an exceptional head and eye. Her pedigree boasts some of the most influential names in Arabian breeding including Bey Shah, *Muscat, and double *Padron.

Arabian Horse Pedigree for SB SCARLETTA

FAME VF+ AHR*268987 Bay 1982 BEY SHAH+ AHR*134556 Bay 1976
BAY EL BEY AHR*54146 Bay 1969
STAR OF OFIR AHR*61852 Bay 1970
RAFFON AHR*19040 Bay 1961
LETA ROSE AHR*47338 Bay 1968
*FFAMESS BRSB*30300 Grey 1991
KKARESS AHR*374250 Grey 1986 KAIYOUM++ AHR*62768 Grey 1970
KHEMOSABI AHR*45471 Bay 1967
BAYANKA AHR*24640 Grey 1963
ANSATA SHAH ZAM AHR*105818 Grey 1974
ALEGRIA AHR*92394 Grey 1973
SIR FAMES HBV AHR*598181 Bay 2001
*CAJUN PRINCE HCF BRSB*17458 Bay 1989 ALMADEN AHR*344780 Bay 1984
*ALADDINN AHR*177073 Bay 1975
LA AMBIR AHR*147556 Bay 1976
DOLL PADRON AHR*266211 Bay 1982
*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977
SPRING QUEEN AHR*75399 Bay 1971
CAJUN LADY HCF BRSB*24483 Chestnut 1993
*LADY MUSCATA BRSB*18054 Chestnut 1979 *MUSCAT AHR*177179 Chestnut 1971
SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
MALPIA RASB*1349 Chestnut 1958
FIRST LADY AHR*55207 Grey 1969
TORNADO AHR*33449 Grey 1965
*ESKADRA AHR*25465 Grey 1959
SB SCARLETTA AHR*639698 Bay 2008 
*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977 PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ASWAN RASB*1379 Grey 1958
PODRUGA RASB*823 Chestnut 1951
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
BRIGHT WINGS AVS*280 Chestnut 1965
SERINDA AVS*335 Chestnut 1969
PADRONS PSYCHE AHR*418979 Chestnut 1988
KILIKA AHR*266273 Bay 1982 *TAMERLAN AHR*181487 Bay 1967
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
TRAPECIA RASB*1462 Bay 1961
*KILIFA AHR*226721 Chestnut 1972
KAPELKA GASB*217 Chestnut 1966
SCARLET O PSYCHE AHR*508851 Chestnut 1994
BERAIAH AHR*214721 Chestnut 1980 *BARICH DE WASHOE AHR*35206 Chestnut 1965
ZURICH SSB*3043 Bay 1956
*ALDEBARAN II AHR*35205 Bay 1957
BEAUS BELLE AHR*109457 Grey 1974
COMAR BAY BEAU AHR*24184 Bay 1963
KHALA MYRAH AHR*26655 Grey 1963
DR BREANNE AHR*452819 Bay 1990
DR DAHLINGAZNETTA AHR*175240 Bay 1978 DR JOHN AHR*88294 Bay 1972
AZRAFF AHR*5596 Grey 1949
LIVING DOLL AHR*24587 Grey 1963
HELLO DAHLING AHR*32609 Bay 1965
AZRAFF AHR*5596 Grey 1949
KOMIJNE AHR*8777 Chestnut 1953

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